Formerly known as Taking-From-Dictation, I am Biblichor, the future author of the Edan series, if I ever finish book two.
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One tree hill on We Heart It.




tfp megatron’s lips always look so cut up and raw and uncomfortable

probably why he’s mad all the time, he’s lost his chapstick

I don’t think any kind of chapstick can help with what’s going with his lips.



Fifty Shades of Y’all Need Jesus

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Angry seeker requested by Slenderwave in the Livestream


I know that feel Mulan



I wanted to look for ways to make my evil spirit antagonists seem more interesting, so I checked out a list on Creating Great Villains. “Consider how you might make that villain more unexpectedly human such as giving the character a weakness for ice cream cones”.

Excellent. Yes. The malevolent wraiths who specialize in corrupting mortal souls and have survived five hundred years by living off the dying energies of the Lord of Darkness just go NUTS for Ben & Jerry’s. That’s what the book was missing, Thanks.

I’d read it!  Dying energies are just so dry and bland, after a while any good wraith will start pining for some Rocky Road or Mint Chip.